SIP Trunks

From £6 per month

SIP is the new way of providing telephone lines for your business.

SIP is a virtual telephone line that replaces the traditional fixed lines from BT like ISDN2, ISDN30, PSTN Lines. It runs over your Internet service and connects to your SIP compatible telephone system. It is extemely resilient with some wonderful integrated backup options.

Add Call Manager for advanced routing and reporting which gives your business centralised call control and business continuity.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SIP Trunks

Do we offer inclusive call bundles?

In addition to our £6 per line tariff, we offer a tariff inclusive of calls to UK Fixed Lines and UK Mobiles for £10 per line. This inclusive tariff is our most popular.

Inclusive calls means 2000 minutes per line per month. SIP Inclusive tariff requires 3 year minimum term.

Is my telephone system (PBX) compatible with SIP?

This really depends on the age of your PBX. Most modern telephone systems are hybrid, where they will work with SIP, and support legacy telephone lines like ISDN and analogue.

Even if your trusted PBX is old, don't rule it out - SIP is cheaper and may pay for your upgrade.

How's the call quality with SIP?

SIP provides very high call quality, but it is really important your LAN and Internet service is "voice ready".

The cabling should be good, your switches and firewall should be configured for voice prioritisation. Speak to our technical experts for a free consultation.

Converged is our Internet service which handles all your Internet needs and makes sure your voice is prioritised and just works.

Is SIP resilient?

Your primary SIP is as resilient as your Internet service. We can provide "standby trunks" which are waiting to start working when your primary service fails. This makes SIP incredible resilient.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

We transfer your numbers to our SIP cloud. There is a setup charge for this process.

SIP sounds great, are there any setup charges?

We charge £75 to setup SIP for a business. This does not include any configuration required to your switches or firewall.

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