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Take the guesswork out of wireless network planning - with our free desktop survey.

The increasing use of mobile devices means providing great WiFi is essential for your business. With over a decade of experience installing wireless networks of all sizes in diverse environments, our experts understand how to create the perfect WiFi network, to give your "wireless" users the same rich experience as their "cabled" colleagues.

Our experts can setup a dedicated guest network for your visitors - keeping them isolated from the sensitive data on your business network. We have solutions to control business sensitive data with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments.

Which WiFi vendor should I choose?




Typical installed price for 10x AC WAP




Suitable for high density environments


1 Year


3 Years

Channel optimization

Channels smart configure at startup

Channelfly - Dynamically swap channels to boost performance

Firmware updates

Free as released

Free within support contract


Unifi - all round signal coverage

Beamflex - Smart Antenna system to focus the signal to clients


Web based interface and mobile app

Web based interface

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Frequently Asked Questions about WiFi?

Which vendor should I choose?

Vendor selection will very much depend on your environment. Our experts say Ubiquiti performs very well and offers great performance at an entry level price.

Both Ruckus and Fortinet (formally Meru) are vendors of pedigree and long established in the market, so it will ultimately come down to price and personal preference.

What are the risks in providing WiFi to my visitors?

It is essential to introduce a seperate wireless network which is isolated from your main Company network, thus ensuring there is no chance your data can be breached.

Our experts also feel a diligent Company will retain records of all visitors that have access to your network, in case you have need to recall at some point in the future.

How can I extend the coverage of my WiFi router?

There are products available that extend WiFi coverage, but our experience of these units are negative so we do not offer them for sale.

Instead, our experts recommend your router WiFi is disabled and a dedicated WiFi system is installed which will deliver the speed and coverage you desire.

Why is my WiFi Slow?

This is a broad question which we can only answer with more questions.

Have you compared the speed of your wireless device with one that is directly connected to your router?

Have you compared the speed with another device on your network?

Talk to our experts who may recommend our "WiFi Audit" service to identify the problems and how to fix them.

Is providing a secure guest WiFi expensive?

We have a range of solutions to fit all budgets.

Can I add extra Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to speed up my WiFi?

Sometimes this might work, but our experts say this can introduce more problems, especially if using your WiFi for real-time applications such as VoIP. Talk to our experts before you purchase equipment you may not need.

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