Leased Line

From just £190 a month

How much is slow Internet costing your business? A dedicated leased line is an industrial strength service for the best speed and quality.

This is the popular choice for businesses that rely on Internet access. Leased Line, also known as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or just "Ethernet". The defacto service for larger businesses, but now being adopted by the smaller businesses as their demands increase for fast and reliable Internet access.

Available in speeds from 10Mb up to 1Gbps, it will deliver the performance your business needs. Fast access enables your staff to do their job faster. It also enables your business to embrace cloud services, which can transform your IT and provide features only cloud applications can offer.

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More about leased lines...

Fast support & fix SLA

We monitor your leased line and alert you immediately if there is a problem. Our leased lines are backed with an impressive fix SLA.

Dedicated bandwidth

Leased Lines are uncontended which means it is not shared with anyone else, so if you pay for 100Mb - you will always get 100Mb.

Very Low Latency

Latency (Internet speak for delay) is very important. High latency will feel like you have slow Internet, so it is important to deliver high speed with low latency to give the best results. A variable latency will also cause problems, especially for real-time services such as video or voice, so a consistent latency is essential for the best experience.

Installation charges

The network operator (BT Openreach or Virgin) both charge in the region of £2,000 for installation of the tail - the link from their POP (Point of Presence) to your premises. They normally waive this charge for a minimum commitment term of 3 years.

Excess Construction Charges

Excess Construction Charges will apply if the tail provider (BT Openreach or Virgin) consider the work required to provide your link exceed their typical allowance of £2,500.

These charges will be identified at the survey stage and you will get the opportunity to cancel your order if you consider the charges unpalatable.

Typical installation time?

Installation time will typically take 65 working days. On some occasions, where infrastructure already exists, it can be installed within 20 days. Where the installation is complex and requires ducts to be repaired or installed, road closures etc, installation can take as long as 12 months.

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