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We are big enough to deliver large projects - and small enough to keep that personal touch.

Supporting large businesses for more than 25 years offering IT services, Networks, Internet and Telecoms. We have been serving corporate clients since 1995 and offer the same products and services as the major providers, delivered with expertise and a personal touch - you will have direct access to our highest level of technical support without having to deal with multiple levels of "support" before speaking to the right person.

The combination of our years of experience and our tried and tested project management methods mean your business gets the perfect combination of control and creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose easyNetworks?

That's easy. We are technical experts not salespeople. We DO NOT tie our customers into unnecessary lengthy contracts. We DO NOT sell you stuff you do not need. Most of our support calls are opened and closed the same day. We provide a refreshing approach to telecoms.

Surely it's cheaper going direct to BT for my telecoms?

BT Openreach operate the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). BT Local Business or BT Corporate or BT Retail are resellers of BT Openreach products. easyNetworks are also a reseller, like Virgin, Sky etc.

Can you provide field based support?

We have a team of directly employed engineers who can be quickly deployed to support a site.

Why should we use easyNetworks as an alternative to the major providers?

You will have instant access to our technical experts without having to trawl through multiple support tiers.

Isn't a telecoms service from BT cheaper because we're going direct?

This is a common misconception - BT Openreach own the network, and BT Business amongst others (including easyNetworks) are re-sellers of the service. This is similar to how other utilities work.

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