Improve Mobile Signal

2G/3G LTE & 4G throughout your premises

Are you a long way from your nearest mobile phone mast? Does your property include metallic materials for cladding or insulation?

If so there is a good chance that your mobile signal will be weak, or perhaps you are in a dead-spot. It is unlikely your mobile operator will improve your signal unless demand is significant. The mobile operators will provide a range of products to improve your experience, such as; WiFi calling, boost boxes etc, but these methods are not suitable for all requirements.

Good news. OFCOM introduced new regulation in 2018 for specialist Companies like easyNetworks to install equipment and boost the signal. We install a sensitive antenna on the roof of your property, optimising its alignment to your preferred network. The antenna feeds a 5-band amplifier inside your premises - then the signal is distributed to all areas of your premises using DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our building too big for a mobile booster?

We can provide great coverage in large commercial properties. Get in touch and talk to one of our experts to find out more.

Is there a maximum number of users who can share the network?

Up to 200 users.

What mobile networks can be boosted?

We boost five sections of the Radio Frequency spectrum to provide coverage for all UK networks.

Is it expensive?

Not as expensive as you'd think. Especially compared to the hidden costs of lost sales/productivity.