Can your business afford a data breach?

Get GDPR compliant with MaaS360® from IBM® and lock down your mobiles.

MaaS360® from IBM® is an easy to use mobile device management (MDM) platform that gives you a powerful suite of tools to handle the management and security of all your mobile devices – and all from a single screen.

The cloud software supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Purchase MaaS360® from IBM® as a cloud subscription per device and the intuitive portal will get you setup and secure quickly.

Compare MaaS360 subscriptions (prices per device and exclude vat)

£2.05 per month

£4.10 per month

£5.45 per month

Fast device enrolment

Integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Restrict device features such as camera, screen capture, cloud backup and blacklist or whitelist apps

Helpdesk features such as passcode resets and device screen sharing for support (Teamviewer licence required)

Enforce password policies for GDPR compliance

Remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices

Monitor data usage for each device and apply limits and alerts

View detailed hardware and software inventory reports

Separate personal & corporate data

Safely support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Robust set of office productivity tools for viewing and sharing

Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage

Wipe suite container, app containers, enterprise profiles or whole device

Mobile malware detection and remediation

Discover hiders that try to mask detection of jailbroken and rooted devices

Detect apps with malware signatures and malicious behavior from a continually updated database

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Frequently Asked Questions about MDM..

I've lost a handset, what next?

With MaaS360, you simply login to your account and try to locate the lost device. If you unable to locate the device, you have the option to wipe it of all data.

Next you will need to obtain a new device and re-enroll to restore your chosen business apps and security polices.

Can I stop my employees using Facebook?

With MaaS360 you can block the download of all apps. You can also blacklist websites through the secure browser.

How will MDM help me achieve GDPR compliance?

There are many useful tools in MaaS360 that will help. Strong password polices can be enforced, so it is no longer up to the user. Prohibit the use of the camera and screen capture. Disable all notifications that appear on lock screen. Prohibit the sharing of any information in a work app with non-work apps.

Can I use MDM to help me monitor the data usage of my users?

With MDM, it is really easy to view the data usage of each device and send alerts when thresholds are reached. This allows you to take proactive action and amend tariffs to avoid potential bill shock.

What is Apple DEP and how does it help MaaS360.?

A business that signs up to Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) will benefit from out of the box enrolment, which makes it so easy to deploy your Apple devices. This service is free from Apple and it enables advanced security features.

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