IT & Telecoms for less

At easyNetworks, we are all passionate about providing our customers great advice and the best prices. We are unlike most telecoms providers - because we do not commit you to unnecessary and long contracts. We don't employ salespeople with their expensive salaries and perks - which means we do not pester you and we reflect these savings in our prices.

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Our values

Great Value

Giving you an amazing price is why we exist, so we don't employ salespeople with their fancy cars and big commissions, instead we pass the savings onto you.

You'll stay because you're happy not because you have to...

We want to keep you because you recognise great value and a caring attitude. Whenever we can, we avoid committing our customers into lengthy contracts.

Relentless Innovation

We continually invest in people who are turned on by innovation, not sales commissions.

Taking on the Big Boys

Compare our prices. We know the "big boys" look good, but they charge you a fortune. And do they really care about you? We do.

Keeping it Simple

Honest pricing. Minimal jargon.

Honest, Open, Caring and Fun

We act ethically and with integrity for our customers, suppliers and our team. We would never sell you a solution if it is not absolutely right for you.

Our Ethics

Fairness, Integrity and Respect

We treat everyone who enters our orbit with fairness, integrity and respect - this is hard coded into our daily life. Our core values of excellence, dedication, integrity, and pride underpin everything we touch. We select our suppliers with diligence, and pay them on time. We pay our employees a fair wage and treat them fairly and with consistency. We cherish our customers and aim to delight at every opportunity.

How we interact with our world

We interact with our world and surrounding community with warmth and positive contribution including sponsoring worthy causes and holding fundraising events.

Caring for our world

We aim to tread lightly wherever we walk, causing as little negative environmental impact as we possibly can and continuously seeking ways to enhance our sustainability.